Case Study

Soul Gazing Photography.

See how we helped a photography business increase profit by 353% within 5 days of working together.

Soul Gazing Photography is a business that focusses on visual storytelling, capturing your vision and the essence of what you are trying to convey. Driven to create the media that connects their clients to their target audience, Soul Gazing represent their clients and what they stand for in the best light possible.

The challenge: Business is 5 years young and suffering from inconsistent revenue, Pricing did not match quality of work. A part of the service offering was being completed for free (without charge), placing a significant amount of stress on the owner.

0 %

Revenue Increase

Within 8 Weeks.

0 %

Increase in Profit

Within 5 Days.

0 %

Reduction Of Time

Working in the business.

How we did it

Business Structure

Identified a new daily structure and process to implement, increasing sales and marketing activities, increasing revenue and reducing overwhelm.

Changing Belief Systems

Replaced old existing beliefs around pricing, business direction and ideal clients, allowing an increase in pricing and business realigning with it’s purpose.


Implemented a brand new model pricing model, setting business apart from it’s competition and providing clients with a superior customer experience and higher quality photographs.

"The growth I have amassed over the short while I have been working with Stu has been shocking in a good way. If you are looking to invest in something more valuable than anything else (your intellectual property) then I highly suggest you chat to Stu! He will help you develop habits benefiting you with instant financial growth, resounding confidence, value and a clear cut direction to shocking yourself with what you can achieve in such a short amount of time"

Kyle Spyrides

Soul Gazing Photography

Achieve greatness today.

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