Why We Do What We Do.

Our Story.

When my son Jett was diagnosed with anxiety at 3, my wife and I weren’t surprised, we believed he had it from a much younger age. 

We turned his world upside down when he was 10 months old as we had moved from Perth to Melbourne for work. It was just the three of us and at 22 months of age, Jett was put into full time daycare.

He was dropped off at 7:15am  each morning kicking and screaming, and picked up just after 5:30pm every day. My wife and I were struggling to cope and barely surviving.

Upon returning to Perth just before Jett’s 3rd birthday, he continued to struggle. Developmentally he fell behind, his anxiety was at an all time high.

His self worth was at an all time low. 

Was it our fault? Did we contribute to his anxiety? We probably did, but we don’t know.

What we do know is by making significant lifestyle changes and being a connected Dad, Jett, now 7, has a strong sense of self worth and overcome all of his challenges.

We have built an app and designed a self worth program to help other kids build their self worth and run a Dad’s program, letting them know it is possible to prioritise themselves and run a successful business, without sacrificing the relationship with their wife and kids.

We are worthi and this is why we exist.

Our Belief

Every child, no matter their background is worthy and capable of greatness

Worthi™ App.


Driving Choices™.

Our Driving Choices program has been designed for 16 year old teens who are about to obtain their drivers licence.

16 – 19 year old teens are the most over represented age group having car accidents, a problem costing $22B a year and most importantly, costing young lives.

A low score recorded in the “approval from others” domain, identifies teens most likely to succumb to peer pressure and engage in risky behaviour such as drink driving, taking drugs, etc, as a means to seek validation/approval from their friendship circle.

We then educate, incentivise and provide the tools needed to change the behaviour.

Our mission is to reduce teen fatalities annually to zero by 2050.


Worthi Kids.

The Worthi Kids app is designed with preventative and pre-emptive solutions specific for pre-schoolers and primary school aged children. Providing an intuitive framework with a daily routine and set daily practises to improve their self-worth. This highly effective program aims to reduce the number of youths to go on to be diagnosed with mental health challenges due to low self-esteem and anxiety related issues. A one-off cost includes 12 months access to the Worthi Kids App.


The BeliefIN™ program has one goal – to improve the self-worth of each child who completes the program.

Each child is given their own self worth score across the six different domains of self worth: family support, appearance, comparison, approval from others, academic achievement and  values. 

Our mission is to reduce the number of youths being diagnosed with mental health challenges. 


Worthi Teens.

The Worthi Teens app has been designed and built with preventative and pre-emptive breathing, meditation, mindful movement and other exercises, with content developed specifically for children aged 12 and above. Designed to be completed at home or at school and one upfront cost provides access to this App for 12 months.


Worthi Parents.

Recognising that parenting children and teens with mental health conditions is a massive undertaking, the Worthi Parents App, has been customised and developed specifically for parents. This app provides parents with strategies and the confidence to implement practises as a family in your home environment to ensure children are supported in school as well as at home. Content is updated regularly to provide fresh and innovative ideas to keep the family unit engaged, connected and thriving. A one-off upfront fee provides 12-month access.


Worthi Employees.

We understand that employees seem to always be “on.” They can be accessed anywhere and anytime via email, phone or social media. As a result of continual pressures and an inability to disconnect professionally coupled with personal triggers, our employees can understandably become distracted, disengaged, overwhelmed and stressed. As employers, we have a duty of care to empower our staff, provide a positive working environment and maximise their health and productivity. The Worthi Employee’s App provides regular content, fresh and unique exercises designed for the employee to access via their desk or anywhere they choose to, to ensure they take the time to disengage, move and eliminate feelings of stress and pressure, creating a high-performance culture and team. One-fee provides unlimited access for multiple users for 12 months.


Worthi Schools.

We understand that schools have a responsibility to support all their students. This is often a challenge for schools with an exponential rise of mental health issues seen across primary and secondary schools. Worthi have developed unique technology to help schools support their teachers to support their students. The Worthi Schools App provides universal access for all students to engage with the Worthi Kids or Worthi Teens programs but adding a further layer of content to breed a community of healthy, engaged minds and bodies. Including access to meditation, breathwork, online journaling, mindfulness assessments as well as online Zuu fitness classes. All content is regularly updated and produced by a qualified school teacher and endorsed by leading a child psychologist.

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What are you waiting for?

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