Creating space to build capacity for greatness.

We connect innovative strategy and human performance to deliver remarkable results.

What We Do.

We see a world where everyone feels worthy.

Worthi helps people build a capacity for greatness by expanding their limiting beliefs and improving their self-worth.

Business and human performance are directly linked to what people believe or don’t believe about themselves.

A lack of self-worth, more often than not, is the fundamental cause of substandard business results, leadership, and human performance.

We provide businesses and individuals with the right strategy and equip them with the tools to implement, producing remarkable results. You can’t have one without the other.

We believe everyone is capable of greatness.​

Our Cause

Help 12,000 kids improve their self-worth in 12 months. Raise $4 Million for not for profit/charities.


Combine innovative strategy and technology, with your worthwhile cause to produce remarkable results.

Unrivalled Guarantees

Multiple guarantee’s to provide you with peace of mind and certainty.

Partnership Opportunity.


Executive Coaching

Beliefin Program

"We made more profit in our second month of working together than the previous 12 months combined. Our second month recorded our highest revenue and most importantly, profitable month ever in the history of the business.”

Gia Le, Managing Director, Elite Digital Campaigns

0 %

Increase in Profit

This result was achieved within four weeks of working together.

0 %

Sales Conversion

After increasing pricing by 100%, repositioning the offer.


Most Profitable Month

Made more profit in second month, than previous 12 months combined.

"We have just had our most profitable month for sales and new property management business in over 18 months, with a doubling of results in each area. Stuart helped us adjust our marketing, sales process and mindset so that we are now valuing ourselves and working with a much higher quality of clients. We have gone from being “busy” to producing real results. ”

Jarrad Mahon, Managing Director, Investor’s Edge Real Estate

0 %

Increase in Revenue

Within 3 months

0 %

Listings Sold

Within 2 months

$ 0 k

Bonus Paid

First time in 10 years

"Stuart’s expert guidance has seen my monthly revenue triple and profit increase by 100% within 4 weeks. My results were so significant I had to pause the new strategy to fulfill the new work I had won. I am now fully booked for the next 4 months and in the last 8 months my business has grown by over 150%. ”

Dale Wallace, Founder, Crux Creative

0 %

Increase in Revenue

Within 4 weeks

0 %

Increase in Profit

Within 4 weeks

0 %

Price Increase

"The Positioning For Profit business program ensures you are operating at your very best, 100% of the time. I doubled my profits within the first month of the program and recommend the program for anyone looking to take their business to the next level. With the help of Stu, I now understand my point of difference and never have to compete on price again”

Krithika Ramnarayan, Studio Scribe

0 %

Revenue Increase

Within 4 weeks

0 %

Increase in Profit

Within 4 weeks

0 %

Sales Conversion

"The growth I have amassed over the short while I have been working with Stu has been shocking in a good way. If you are looking to invest in something more valuable than anything else (your intellectual property) then I highly suggest you chat to Stu! He will help you develop habits benefiting you with instant financial growth, resounding confidence, value and a clear cut direction to shocking yourself with what you can achieve in such a short amount of time"

Kyle Spyrides, Soul Gazing Photography

0 %

Revenue Increase

Within 8 weeks

0 %

Increase in Profit

Within 5 days

0 %

Reduction Of Time

Working in the business

“Emily worked with Megara at a strategic marketing level on the Megara brand and several key project. She demonstrated exceptional knowledge, experience and offered an impressive range of services that were delivered in a professional and enthusiastic manner, taking our marketing and results to the next level.”

Jamie Clarke, Director, Megara

0 %

Increase In Leads

Month on month for over 18 months.

0 %

reduction in cost

saving $370,000 across key project budgets

$ 0 m

In Sales

Over $30m in sales over 18 months across key projects with stages releases being sold out.

Our Guarantees.

Results Driven Strategy

A customised 12 month sales and marketing plan, with one outcome in mind, to increase revenue & profit.

Fast Delivery

Receive your business growth strategy within 5 business days.


We work with you one on one to transform your business, whilst changing your personal and business beliefs.

Customised Coaching

Coaching will be tailored to where you are at in your current business, current challenges and your very own limiting beliefs.

Quick Results

You will see results within days, not months, we guarantee it.

Guaranteed Outcomes

At the start of the program we will set monthly goals and stretch goals, if Goals are not met, we simply refund your fee.

Money Back Guarantee

Achieve a minimum of $250k in revenue growth within 12 months

Money Back Guarantee

Achieve a minimum of $250k in revenue growth within 12 months​

The Benefits.


Our partnership and business values are aligned and we both are working towards a common goal, to prevent mental health and combating strategies in children, adults, businesses, and employees.

An unrivalled digital solution

Leverage our market-leading technology and Worthi App to aid your business and employee transformation.

Revenue driven strategy

Our unique consulting model ensures we conduct a deep dive into you business to effectively curate your bespoke strategy to raise funds for your business.

Our proven methodology

We don’t just focus on sales and marketing, we address mental roadblocks in employees and combat performance and individual self-worth.


Benefit from our Director expertise with collectively over 30 years of experience in business growth.


This is a rare partnership opportunity where we guarantee your success and business growth.


Our Worthi Directors are hands-on and are your point of contact throughout the entire 12 months of partnership. We don’t offload our responsibilities to junior consultants.

Leadership Team

Worthi will work closely with your leadership team, as well as employees, to achieve your fundraising and sponsorship goals.

Recruitment solution

This incredibly rare Worthi partnership presents a cost-effective alternative to employing staff.

No employee overheads

Senior strategic roles may no longer be required in your business as we will provide the strategic framework for your team to implement with our ongoing support and guidance.

No risk option

Rely on our experience of delivering results with greater expertise and less employee overheads and our guarantee for your success.

Seize the opportunity

Whilst there may be economic hardships facing a lot of businesses with the global Covid-19 pandemic, we will work with you to exceed your growth targets after your possible business downturn in revenue.

Who we work with.

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Achieve greatness today.

The right strategy, belief in the value you provide and high performing employees is all you need.

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“We made more profit in our second month of working together, than the previous 12 months combined”

Gia Le, Managing Director, Elite Digital Campaigns